It goes without saying that with the high standards we aim to archive our equipment must match the quality levels. With this in mind we have designed a number of packages and options to create the ultimate system, Compact and capable, the components make the packages reliable, neat and a pleasure to use.

The packages can be set up in most situations in under an-hour, useful when you need a quick turnaround from wedding breakfast to evening reception. The sound systems range from ones that are powerful enough to entertain the largest of audiences, yet we also offer smaller systems for the more intimate affair. Lighting follows similar principles being that quality is better than quantity giving your guests the incentive to join the fun on the dance floor without blinding them!

All equipment is owned in house and maintained by our own full-time engineer to the highest standards. All of our professional equipment is clean, tidy, PAT tested and mostly under two years old. We will be more than happy to discuss any further requirements you may have regarding equipment specifically for your function.

As well as the standard equipment, we always carry a comprehensive 'get out of trouble' kit comprising items as diverse as a spare CD player to specifically designed adaptor leads, should the unthinkable happen. This is in addition to our usual back-up policy. We always have complete systems and DJs on standby.

Brands we use at Discologic:

  • QSC
  • FBT
  • EV
  • Martin
  • Acme
  • LEDJ
  • Shure
  • Pioneer