We go back to the old skool!!

Well is been a few weeks since my last blog so I thought I better pull my finger out!!! Lol!

It has been a busy yet fantastic! few weeks! We have had the pleasure of dj’ing at events in Kent and London as well as some exciting trips to DJ in Spain and St Ives!!
All the events we DJ at are different with the main difference being “The Host”.

When discussing music requirements it’s really important that to start with we work with the taste of for instance the “bride and groom” at a wedding party they are the core of the event everything about the music must stem from this core!! Of course once we have established what the bride and grooms likes and dislike are we can then move on to the bigger picture in regards to all the other guests that will be attending the wedding!!.  In a lot of cases the bride and groom have fantastic taste in music and all their likes and dislikes are perfect for their event and the guests that will be in attendance!  But now and again we do get request sheets that need abit of work!!. The thing to remember is that we are here for you every step of the way up to your event day!! We have over 15 years’ experience at your disposal so make as much use of it as you can!!

Moving back to the events we have done in the last few weeks one of the most exciting was a wedding in St Ives in Cornwall! Yes 350 miles away from base camp! A 7 hour drive! But it was an amazing wedding!! The couple who booked us had already seen us perform at a friend’s wedding in London and where very impressed with what they saw!! So much so that they were quite happy to pay the extra fees to ship us down to Cornwall for their big day!!!

Over the last few weeks we have also Dj’ed and installed lighting, Led Dance floors in Brands hatch place Kent, Chilston park Kent, Turkey mill Kent, Winters barn Kent, The barnyard Kent, The Dorchester London, The Gun London, The Hilton London Docklands, Claridges London to name just a few!  They were all fantastic events!!!

So this blog is called “Back to the old skool” this is because of the event will put on at dickens world last weekend it was AMAZING!! With a massive turnout we installed over £30,000 of lighting and sound into dickens world to transform it into a state of the art nightclub for just one night!  I Dj’ed on the night playing all those old skool classics leading up to a live performance from the one and only “BABY D” performing hits like “let me be your fantasy” and “I need your loving” it really was an amazing event and the feedback has been out of this world!! We will be putting another one together very soon!!

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