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Quite an unusual blog but I find myself feeling very passionate about what I am about to write, As you may or not be aware we were contacted this week by 2 journalists Ben Ellery and Hannah Flint both of which were doing a story for the Daily Mail newspaper in regards to the costs of weddings.


Hannah contacted us on Wednesday the 27th May with regards to holding a wedding in London. As with every client a number of questions were asked relating to her ‘Big Day’ to discuss her requirements  and ascertain exactly what she would like and to possibly give some ideas/options that would enhance her whole experience.  I have to be honest, I have very limited notes on this conversation but I was truly lead to believe that she was a genuine bride interested in our services.

Ben Contacted us on the Thursday the 28th May posing as a father planning a 21st birthday next year for his daughter in London and from the off it seemed like a very odd phone call but as with all enquires it was dealt with in a professional manner. I have a lot more notes in regards to this enquiry as it was a very strange conversation, which is now obvious as to why. Ben said he was planning his daughters 21st birthday in July 2016 in London, but when asked for a date or venue he said he was unsure at present and just wanted to get some ideas on costings. I explained that there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning any event and it’s very hard to give any ideas on prices without the relevant information. However, he was very persistent in obtaining a price. After going over and over the fact that I couldn’t really quote for an event if I didn’t  know when or where it was to be held or any specific information, I gave him an estimated starting cost of £595.00 which is the approximate cost of our standard discotheque. I then asked if he would he like me to drop him an email so he can provide me with all the relevant information. He replied saying ‘yes’, if you could send it to my wife “Hannah” and proceeded to give me Hannah Flints email address.  I also asked was this party a surprise for his daughter? He replied no, I said in that case I think it would be very useful to have conversation with her and try and understand her aspirations for her party this email was then sent:

“From: Richard
Sent: 28 May 2015 17:13
To: ' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '
Subject: Discologic - 21st Birthday party London July 2016
Thanks for your call today, Once you have a little more info please let me know and we can run over some options.
Kind Regards

With the idea being that we really needed a lot more information than no idea on a date, Venue, Timings or specification.

It is now clear that both Hannah and Ben where obviously not planning any events but where in fact trying to gather costing for 2 different events in London but as I explained to Ben London is a very large area with 1000’s of event venues and many many factors that need to be taken into consideration when pricing an event, In both those cases I made it very clear that I couldn’t really quote without the relevant information but both Hannah and Ben where very persistent on obtaining a cost as they were trying to get an idea on costings so when I provided them with a rough cost it was obviously an “approximate” cost as I had no info to go on, All I was trying to do was help, by giving them some idea.

I was contacted by Ben on Friday the 29th May and he explained who he was and what he and Hannah had been doing this week. He went on to explain that I had given 2 different prices to both him and Hannah giving them the impression that a Wedding costs more than a 21st birthday !?.  I explained to Ben that in both cases none of the relevant information needed for a quote had been supplied and if they had both contacted me for a quote on the same date at the same venue but for 2 different event types i.e. a 21st and a wedding, then you would have been given identical quotes as long as the specification had been the same, but to call me and use what can only be described as “trickery” to obtain costings is really quite unfair and also very underhanded!

I also explained that there is a vast difference between a wedding and a 21st birthday particularly in London as there is a huge variation in venue types and in most cases a 21st Birthday would just be an evening event that would require you to be onsite to setup around an hour to an hour and a half before your start time. Whereas a wedding in London, you could be required to setup hours before your start time because of the amount of preparation that goes into such an event, So trying to compare 2 events with the same start time is completely irrelevant without any specific information.

I have dedicated my whole life to my career/Business, and always aim to give my clients the best possible service from start to finish in fact in many cases particularly with weddings I spend a lot of time with the bride and groom discussing their requirements and in most cases, the cost is the last thing we talk about but I totally appreciate just how important both the service and the cost are.

It’s really quite upsetting that people that work so hard to grow and develop a business can be targeted in such a way as Ben and Hannah have set out to archive this week, I certainly know the effort and dedication I put in to what I do and I couldn’t be happier with the comments and reviews that we receive every week from happy customers.    

Some of our Recent Reviews/Comments:

Mark Hazell:
“Its not hard to see why Discologic are repeat award winners...when the guests leave a wedding and are still talking about the DJ set, you know they did something right...

Incredibly professional, as well as great fun and fantastically helpful, they made our day with great music, brilliant atmosphere, and helping us make decisions while taking the pressure off of us.

I hope that many of my friends are fortunate enough to be able to secure Discologics services in the future for their parties, as they well and truly made our day. Huge thanks to Richard and the team for helping us dance the night away..”

Amy Alteirac:
“Thank you Discologic for a utterly brilliant service.

Our wedding was on 24th April 2015 in Sevenoaks. Chris is an amazing DJ and very friendly guy!
We had some random requests and you accommodated our love of R'N'B music, mixed in with a dance feel for every generation.

Chris and Richard were involved in the secret dance our bridal party had planned.-Thank you so much!

We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a DJ.

love, The new Mr and Mrs Alteirac xx”

Maria Wright:
“We booked Discologic for my daughter's wedding.
The team there are brilliant, right from the start with the booking process through to reconfirming a couple of days before the event. The DJ on the night, Chris was brilliant. He had the dance floor full from the off and everyone commented on what a great DJ he was. Thanks again - would absolutely recommend Discologic.”

Elana Taylor:
“Brilliant dj, brilliant music, thank you so much! Very professional!
The music was just what we asked for! All our guests and ourselves had a wonderful night! We will definitely recommend Discologic to all our friends! Thank you, Richard, and Discologic, you made our special night truly magic!
Grant and Elen”

More Review/Comments can be found at:

Website Reviews: http://www.discologic.co.uk/
Facebook Reviews: https://www.facebook.com/DiscologicUK/reviews

Thank you for taking the time to read this, If at any stage Hannah or Ben would like to attend some events to see 1st hand just how different they can be! They are welcome to contact me.

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